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For standard, small package items


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The ability to create cut-to-size products that deliver the best quality, precision in cutting, and tight tolerances, is what truly sets us apart. We provide valuable assistance right from the early stages of conceptual design and look at every aspect of your project including measurements and materials used, giving you the peace of mind and confidence, you need for your next project. By working collaboratively with our customers, we are able to offer innovative solutions to technical problems, that help save time, money, and energy, and get the very best out of our products.

Our skilled team has extensive technical expertise in custom fabrication of different plastic sheets, including Acrylic, Polycarbonate, HDPE, and more!


Your ShapesPlasticsPRO account unlocks several helpful features for running your business. Upon approval, we can offer net 30-day terms and sales tax exemptions with a valid certificate. Multi-user account management allows you to designate purchase and approver roles in your company. Did we mention business discounts? Sign up and shop today! Our quick and easy checkout, along with purchase order assignment and order tracking, saves you time.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)


We are an essential supplier of PPE medical products including Plexiglass Acrylic Barriers, Sneeze Guards, Face Shields, and Countertop shields for schools, hospitals, retail, restaurants & offices.

Our barriers and shields help protect you, your employees, staff, members, and customers from the spread of airborne viruses and other communicable diseases transmitted by way of talking, coughing, or sneezing.

If you have a special size or requirement, reach out to us and we can help design a solution for your project.


We are a complete provider of plastic material and fabrication services proudly serving the US. We stock a large selection of plastic sheets, accessories, and sealants from highly qualified manufacturers, including Plexiglass, Polycarbonate, HDPE, PETG, Corrugated, and engineering plastics such as PVC, UHMW, Acetal, Delrin, Polypropylene, and Nylon.

We are known for our ability to consistently offer superior quality materials, reliable brands, exceptional service, consistent product availability, and competitive prices. Our goal is to make it easy to do business together regardless of your location. How do we achieve that? 

  • All materials we sell can be cut to the customer's exact requirements. 
  • You can access our products using the safe and convenient purchasing system right here on our website. It's available 24/7 and we ship across the US. Some orders qualify for FREE Standard Shipping*
  • Try it before you buy it - Our sample plastic program lets you evaluate a 4" x 6" piece of plastic of your choice so that you can make the right decision at the convenience of your home or office. 
  • We cater to both individuals and businesses. Our team of experts excels at efficiently processing small orders as well as entire truckloads. 

ShapesPlastics is a one-stop-shop for all your plastic needs for any brand and for businesses of any size: US Government to Fortune 100 companies, pet stores to schools, for the do-it-yourself hobbyists, homeowners, contractors, and small to large business customers. With decades of plastic experience in dozens of industries, we’ll help you find the right plastic for any application. You can also shop for signs and displays, sports and fitness, hobby and crafts, marine and outdoors, animals and pets, and DIY and home improvement.

Colors and Opacity

Our products are available in a variety of colors and opacity. Opaque means neither light nor objects are visible through the material; translucent will block objects but allows light transmission, and transparent is completely see-through. If you order a clear frosted, translucent, or opaque material, it just means the frosting is uncolored (almost cloud-like)... it is not see-through.

Cast vs Extruded Acrylic

Before discussing the benefits or feature differences when comparing Extruded and Cast acrylic sheets, it’s important to understand the manufacturing process of each type.  Cast sheet is manufactured using a cell cast process, while Extruded sheet is manufactured using a process known as “continuous manufacturing”.

Casting is more labor-intensive as it processes individual sheets of plastic, including assembly and separation of a glass cell for production, thus making it more expensive. Casting yields a harder, sturdier, and more homogenous product that offers a greater range of thickness - up to 4”. Compared to extrusion, casting is more pliable, has greater chemical resistance, and is less likely to bend, chip, or melt during milling.

With Extruded acrylic, melted plastic is extruded through a die, then cut into various widths and lengths.  In this form, acrylic is heterogeneous with properties that may vary depending upon the direction of extrusion. It’s less expensive, more dimensionally stable meaning thickness is more consistent across the sheet. Custom fabrication is easier and thus more cost-effective. It has excellent optical clarity, less expensive, and more impact resistant than glass. It’s also less susceptible to dirt, lint, or particulate contamination in the production process. Because of its lower melting point, extruded plastic sheets are better suited to cementing and thermoforming.

Which product best suits your needs? Talk to our sales professionals for additional information. 


  • Polycarbonate - Our polycarbonate sheets are 250 times more resistant to breakage than standard glass and 30 times more resistant to impact than acrylic sheet plastics. Did you know that Polycarbonate is often called Lexan?  Lexan is a brand name of Polycarbonate manufactured by one of our suppliers.
  • Plexiglass - a high-performance plastic material, is widely known for its optical clarity, low UV sensitivity, and overall weather resistance. Acrylic is 30x stronger than glass.  While not as strong as Polycarbonate, it offers glass-like clarity.  Did you know that acrylic plastic is often called plexiglass?
  • HDPE Sheet- HDPE is widely used in applications where support, mounting, or surface protection is required.  HDPE is widely used for commercial cutting board surfaces as well as a range of marine applications.  HDPE is available in smooth or textured surfaces.
  • ABS Plastic - an amorphous thermoplastic material that offers a balanced combination of mechanical toughness, impact resistance, and ease of fabrication and thermoforming. 
  • UHMW Plastic Sheet - an excellent general-purpose plastic material that meets a wide range of regulatory compliance standards.  UHMW is widely used in high-wear applications, such as lining walls to avoid abrasion from moving parts or equipment.
  • PETG - a see-through material similar to acrylic and polycarbonate,  While PETG is much stronger than acrylic, it does not have the impact strength of polycarbonate. PETG is a tough product with excellent gloss and chemical resistance.
  • PVC Type 1 - demonstrates good resistance if exposed to chemicals or oxidizing media, and can withstand a wide variety of harsh industrial and mechanical environments.
  • Acetal  - also known as Acetron® or Delrin®, has high tensile strength, good rigidity, dimensional stability, and toughness properties that allow it to endure long-term fatigue and perform well at extreme temperatures. 
  • Polypropylene  - a semi-crystalline thermoplastic material that is known for its high strength-to-weight ratio and offers excellent toughness, chemical resistance, and high performance in a thermoforming and corrosive environment.
  • Nylon Plastic Sheet  - an original thermoplastic engineering material and is often used to replace metal bearings and bushings, many times eliminating the need for external lubrication.
  • Corrugated Plastic Sheet - most commonly used for both indoor and outdoor signage - it's highly economical and versatile.


You can save even more by having us cut the material to your requirements?

By cutting the sheet down to your final size, it might qualify for free standard shipping, saving you on shipping charges!



CNC Routing and Cutting

ShapesPlastics offers state-of-the-art CNC Precision Cutting services. This affordable and accurate technology offers many advantages over other machining methods such as tight tolerances, exceptionally smooth surface finish, scalability, and speed needed for high-volume production. 

Through an extensive network of in-house and partner facilities, ShapesPlastics can provide CNC routing services. The process considers material-specific profiles and uses precision camera-guided routing to cut the material with superior edge quality, accuracy, and consistency without accumulating waste and extended lead times.


Plastic Edge Finishing and Polishing

After plastic sheets are cut-to-size, rough saw cut edges might be finished to a smooth edge in several ways, including diamond polishing or flame polishing. The amount of finishing required is dependent on the selection of the polishing compounds on the machined edge; different materials will require different techniques to produce a smooth, transparent edge that will not craze up. This is highly recommended for both individuals such as do-it-yourselfers and commercial clients as it minimizes time spent and costs learning and machining materials. 

Diamond polishing adds a shiny luster to the edges and goes together with a buffing process. The buffing process is completed after the polishing is completed to give the edges a higher quality, polished finish.

Since materials such as acrylic sheets are stress-sensitive, the process of flame polishing requires great operational skills to avoid breaking or cracking the plastic sheet. When done properly, flame polishing produces the clearest finish in the most time-saving manner. 



For smaller orders, drill press services are available to form holes in a variety of materials in the most accurate way. The precision means that it will drill at precise angles (usually ninety degrees) and it will drill holes of identical size, depth, and position. For larger runs, routing services are recommended. 


Rounded Edge vs Radius Corner

Radius corner means the corners of the sheet are rounded giving the sheet smoother, more arch-like corners. These are commonly done for applications that are exposed to traffic areas or where people walk to avoid sharp and pointy edges that can be prone to accidents. The standard radius corner offered here at ShapesPlastics are ½” - ¾”. Rounded edge is when the top and bottom surface of the plastic sheet is rounded, also described as “round over”. This is commonly used for desks and countertops.


Getting started with a new project can be challenging. Luckily, ShapesPlastics offers a hands-on customer success service where professionals are ready to assist you in finding the best plastic for your application. Bring your vision to life with the help of the industry's most knowledgeable sales team. Ask questions as they pop up, and get quick answers via live chat, email, and over the phone.