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Performance Plastics 

It's easy to talk about the environment, sustainability, and corporate responsibility, but it takes a real commitment to reduce the environmental impact of plastic distribution. ShapesPlastics is determined to set a new standard of sustainable plastic distribution and consumption.

Unlike single-use or throwaway plastics, such as plastics straws, shopping bags, and water bottles, ShapesPlastics only deals in performance plastics. It is our way of approaching sustainable plastic use. As the name suggests, it's designed to be durable, reusable, and offers a longer lifespan to its consumers. Performance plastics can play a key role in emission reduction and resource consumption.

From lightweighting airplanes to reduce fuel consumption, or metal replacement parts to increase production efficiency and reduce energy consumption, to life-changing prosthetics and orthotics, or bullet-resistant enclosures protecting schools, performance plastics play a crucial role in our everyday lives.

ShapesPlastics is determined to play its part in conserving our environment. We achieve this by focusing on the natural cycle of our product - creation, application, and destruction. 


Our products are manufactured to last. ShapesPlastics partners with reputable suppliers to source products that have a long lifespan before they're sent to the recycling plant. The multi-usability is integral in reducing our carbon footprint. 


We keep sustainability in mind by offering cuts from full plastic sheets to be purchased as small-sample products for you to view prior to buying a larger dimension. We only sell performance plastic. 


We partner with a local recycling plant to manage all of our plastic scraps. They supply containers for depositing scrap, haul it away once it's full, and it's then processed and turned into new material. Nothing is directed to a landfill.

There are many false environmental claims in the marketplace. We all have to learn to ask critical questions to make sure we buy products with legitimate environmental benefits. For example, can this plastic be recycled at the end of its use? 


Here are a few of our favorite performance plastics: