• Custom Order HDPE HDPE

    ShapesPlastics is your go-to for your HDPE needs. We offer a variety of HDPE sheets in many popular brands and different thicknesses and grades. We are backed by the industry's most knowledgeable sales team, have extensive experience, and can, with sufficient information, make a good estimate of the thickness to be used. If you need a larger sheet, request a free quote via the contact page.

  • Is HDPE FDA compliant? HDPE

    Cutting board grade HDPE meets FDA requirements for direct and indirect food contact. HDPE offers great characteristics such as moisture, bacteria, odor, stain, chemical resistance, which makes it ideal for plastic cutting boards.

  • Is HDPE plastic toxic? HDPE

    As one of the most commonly used plastic in the United States, HDPE is not toxic at any stage of its life cycle. During production, it does not create harmful emissions, it does not leak any kind of toxic chemicals in the soil or water, it’s not toxic when used by consumers, and it's recyclable.

  • Are food containers made with HDPE, BPA free? HDPE

    The safest food-grade containers made from HDPE have the #2 symbols stamped on them, this indicates that plastic is considered safe from any BPA leakage. This is in line with the molecular integrity of HDPE - they are more tightly packed and stable compared to other polyethylenes. However, it's’ the customer's responsibility to conduct their due diligence and research prior to purchase of any consumer product.

  • Can HDPE perform outdoors? HDPE

    UV stabilized grade HDPE performs well in outdoor environments where extreme conditions like water and UV exposure are present. HDPE is commonly used for marine use such as boat floors and seats.

  • What's the most popular brand you deal with? HDPE

    We offer a range of industry-leading brand names for a competitive price. For HDPE, we mostly deal with Proteus® from Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials (MCAM).