HDPE Marine Board Applications

Boats exist in environments that require them to be exceptionally hardy; otherwise, they wouldn't last very long. You can more or less park your car in the garage and forget about it for a couple of months with little ill effect, but boats require careful attention as long as they're in a water environment. With constant exposure to the sun, rain, salt, and wind, it's no wonder that boat maintenance is one of the major headaches perpetually facing boat owners.

High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) marine boards are popular with manufacturers and fabricators who work on boat parts, fittings, and certain marine-related fixtures. HDPE is a favored alternative to wood and metal here, owing to its unique properties. You will find it used to build, repair, or customize all types of vessels, from 50-million-dollar mega yachts to the most spartan vessels. At ShapesPlastics, we make it our business to understand HDPE and all the ways it can be customized and adapted to help you take care of all your marine board needs and applications.


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High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE)

HDPE is a thermoplastic polymer that is produced from the ethylene monomer. It is unique in various ways from other polymers in that its high crystallinity makes it incredibly dense. Being the least bendable and most rigid polyethylene type available to us, with hardly any side branches, is what has made it so eminently suitable for many marine-related applications.

Advantages of High-Density Polyethylene

The benefits of using HDPE Marine Board are as varied as they are plentiful, which is why it is suitable for such a wide range of applications. The qualities that make all of them possible include:

Water and Weather Resistance

While it might seem obvious that a boat should be waterproof, the composition of ocean water means that many materials will deteriorate with prolonged exposure to them. The combination of oxygen, salt, and water that boats are constantly exposed to will corrode many materials unless they are rinsed continuously. HDPE does away with this inconvenience. This is particularly useful when it comes to outdoor decks and underwater fixtures.

Corrosion Resistance

High Impact Resistance and Durability

Boats need to be sturdy to endure the conditions they operate under, and the high resistance to impact means that scratches, dents, bumps, and punctures from sharp objects such as rocks will not be a concern for you.

Infestation, Mold, and Rot Resistance

One of the principal weaknesses of wood as a marine building material is its susceptibility to the mildew, rot, and mold that infect organic materials, especially those constantly exposed to moisture. Pests and insects such as termites will not have a chance to interfere with the integrity of the structures in question either.

Low Carbon Footprint

The carbon footprint or environmental impact that HDPE has is five times lower than a material such as aluminum. The fact that HDPE is recyclable means that boat owners may rest assured that they are not causing harm to the environment by using it.

UV Resistance

Unlike HDPE, many plastics are sensitive to Ultraviolet rays that make them lose their color and become brittle, drastically shortening their life span and making them potential safety hazards.

Marine Growth Resistance

Traditional hulls are susceptible to the growth and development of green, slimy marine sludge, but the smooth nature of HDPE makes it resistant to this, saving you countless hours that would otherwise have been spent cleaning.

 Design Flexibility

Our custom fabricators are prepared to process any cut-to-size orders you might have. HDPE lends itself to a variety of customization options such as increased seating, cabinets, and more.

Where is HDPE Used?

Some typical applications of HDPE marine boards include fabricating boat fittings such as marine cabinets, furniture hatches, steps, cover rails, trims, and general boat components that might otherwise have been made out of wood or metal. It will even go into the making of boat hulls, and complete HDPE boats are typical worldwide.

Aside from what you'll find aboard ships, HDPE marine boards and marine-grade plywood are found in the manufacture of underwater structures such as seats and outdoor decking as a replacement for traditional wood decking materials.

Why Choose ShapesPlastics?

ShapesPlastics respects the water and all those who choose to work, play, or live on it. Our HDPE marine boards are of the highest quality, assuring you of blissful and reliable performance in any marine setting. Call us up today, and we'll be happy to address any queries or concerns you might have.

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