What You Should Know About Polycarbonate Twinwall

If you're looking for quality materials for a greenhouse, skylight, room partition, or various other DIY projects, you should know about polycarbonate twinwall. This material is a strong and unique type of plastic that provides a ton of benefits for homeowners, small businesses, and DIYers.

Whether you're currently planning a specific home improvement or DIY project or just looking to learn more about the various plastic products that can work for any future projects that may be on the horizon, here are some important things to note about polycarbonate twinwall.

What Is Polycarbonate Twinwall?

As the name suggests, polycarbonate twinwall is basically a sheet of polycarbonate plastic material that is made using a twinwall construction method. To fully understand what this means, let's dive into the polycarbonate part first. Polycarbonate is known for being incredibly strong and impact resistant. It is a generally clear sheet of synthetic material that is often used in place of glass.

Twinwall is a style of plastic sheet. It basically consists of two layers of material that run parallel to one another, with small pieces of material connecting the two sides, leaving rows of empty space in between. So when this type of sheet is constructed using polycarbonate plastic, you get polycarbonate twinwall.

What Is It Used For?

Polycarbonate twinwall is incredibly versatile and easy to use. Homeowners, DIYers, and contractors can use the product for a wide array of applications both inside and outside. Inside homes and offices, it can be used to set up privacy panels or room partitions. Polycarbonate twinwall generally runs fairly clear or translucent, but it also comes in colors and more opaque shades if privacy is an issue. However, even the clear version

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