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  1. Polycarbonate as Window Replacement

    Polycarbonate Sheets for Window Replacement

    Windows are an essential part of any building. But over time, they may get damaged due to extreme weather or flying debris. Or them may simply lose some of their effectiveness when it comes to protecting and insulating the interior of your space.

    When this happens, you need to replace your windows with a new material. For years, glass has been the default when it comes to new window installation. But it's no longer the only option or the best choice for every home or commercial building. Polycarbonate sheets are a perfect solution for window replacements in a wide array of buildings. And they offer a ton of benefits that you just can't get with traditional glass.

    Whether you need new windows now or are just looking for new ways to upgrade your property in the future, here's everything you need to know about replacing your windows with polycarbonate sheets.

    Why Polycarbonate Makes a Great Window Replacement

    Polycarbonate is known for being nearly unbreakable. This makes it the perfect material for any part of your home or building where you value extreme durability - including your windows.

    Aside from the strength of polycarbonate windows, they also offer clear visibility, so you can enjoy tons of natural light and enjoy the view around your property. Basically, they should provide the same general look as traditional windows. They're also lightweight and easy to work with, which makes installation simple and affordable. And they can actually be customized to your specifications. So you can have them cut to size or even add designs or colors to certain parts.

    Once your polycarbonate window replacements have been installed, they provide plenty of insulation benefits, which can help you maintain comfortable conditions inside of your home or business. And it can even help you keep heating and cooling bills affordable throughout the year since you'll experience less heat transfer through your windows.

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  2. DIY Tools Home Repair - ShapesPlastics

    DIY Home Repairs with Thick Plastic Sheets

    It's the perfect time to upgrade your home with some DIY renovation projects. Whether you want to put together some accent pieces or completely remodel multiple spaces, it's important to start by sourcing high quality materials. Luckily, thick plastic sheets provide a versatile and durable solution for a wide array of projects.

    If you're looking for new areas to improve around your home, or if you just want to make the most of the options you already have access to, here's a rundown of some of the most popular ways to utilize thick plastic sheets in your home improvement and repair projects.

    Lighting Panels

    Sufficient lighting is essential for any space. If you have recessed lighting or fixtures that require panels to provide a safe and attractive cover, thick plastic sheets provide the perfect solution. They can allow for clear visibility and light transfer while protecting your bulbs and softening the light enough to provide even coverage throughout your space. Use them to create new lighting setups in your home or to replace damaged covers so you can enjoy a clean and professional look in your space.

    Kitchen Backsplashes

    A quality kitchen backsplash can protect your walls and add visual interest to your cooking space. Glass, ceramic, and other traditional materials can be expensive and delicate. But thick plastic sheets provide many of the same benefits while being extra durable and easy to install. You can simply order large panels cut to size and install them in the same way as you would with other materials. You can also use this option as a replacement for backsplashes that have sustained damage, or use it to cover up a bare wall to prevent damage and improve aesthetics.

    Furniture and Appliance Pads

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