Acrylic Sheets As Sneezeguards For Your Store or Workplace

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, more and more people and businesses are considering ways to improve safety conditions and sanitization around their homes and workplaces. Sneeze guards provide a practical solution for a wide array of facilities that's incredibly quick and easy to implement.

Acrylic sheets provide the perfect material for setting up DIY sneeze guards at stores, workplaces, and basically any location where a clear barrier may come in handy. If you're interested in improving your own safety and helping your employees, coworkers, or members of the public do the same, here's a guide to using acrylic sheets as sneezeguards.

Properties of Acrylic Sheets

Acrylic is a clear plastic material that is rigid and reasonably strong. One of the most notable qualities of this material is its crystal optical clarity. It allows nearly all light to pass through unimpeded, so you can see through to the other side almost as if no material were present at all.

Acrylic is also fairly impact resistant. It's not as strong as some specialty plastics like polycarbonate. But it does offer more impact resistance than glass, so it shouldn't shatter or get damaged when struck with an object traveling at a reasonable speed. If the material does get scratched or chipped on the surface, you can easily polish that spot to restore shine and visual clarity. Acrylic also does not fade or discolor when exposed to sunlight or exterior conditions, so it is often able to last for an extended period of time without showing any signs of age or wear.

Finally, acrylic is lightweight and easy to work with. It can be shaped and cut into exact sizes depending on your needs. And once you receive your acrylic

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