If you're looking for quality materials for a greenhouse, skylight, room partition, or various other DIY projects, you should know about polycarbonate twinwall. This material is a strong and unique type of plastic that provides a ton of benefits for homeowners, small businesses, and DIYers.

Whether you're currently planning a specific home improvement or DIY project or just looking to learn more about the various plastic products that can work for any future projects that may be on the horizon, here are some important things to note about polycarbonate twinwall.

What Is Polycarbonate Twinwall?

As the name suggests, polycarbonate twinwall is basically a sheet of polycarbonate plastic material that is made using a twinwall construction method. To fully understand what this means, let's dive into the polycarbonate part first. Polycarbonate is known for being incredibly strong and impact resistant. It is a generally clear sheet of synthetic material that is often used in place of glass.

Twinwall is a style of plastic sheet. It basically consists of two layers of material that run parallel to one another, with small pieces of material connecting the two sides, leaving rows of empty space in between. So when this type of sheet is constructed using polycarbonate plastic, you get polycarbonate twinwall.

What Is It Used For?

Polycarbonate twinwall is incredibly versatile and easy to use. Homeowners, DIYers, and contractors can use the product for a wide array of applications both inside and outside. Inside homes and offices, it can be used to set up privacy panels or room partitions. Polycarbonate twinwall generally runs fairly clear or translucent, but it also comes in colors and more opaque shades if privacy is an issue. However, even the clear version can provide some physical separation or help with the layout of certain spaces.

Though polycarbonate twinwall is certainly approved for use indoors, it's especially popular in exterior projects. More specifically, it can be used to craft canopies, walkways, and carports. It's often in the construction of greenhouses because of its clarity and ability to trap and retain heat, which is perfect for growing plants that require a consistent environment.

Finally, contractors and construction professionals can use polycarbonate twinwall in more involved projects like skylights and sunrooms. It's a perfect material for these purposes because of its light transmission abilities and minimal weight. These projects can require a bit more construction savvy than others, but the material itself is generally fairly easy to work with.

What Are the Benefits?

In general, twinwall polycarbonate is a high quality glazing sheet that is lightweight and durable while offering excellent light transmission and insulation properties. Here's a look at each of these properties and how they benefit homeowners and DIYers who want to use the material for various purposes.

Because twinwall polycarbonate has multiple layers of material that are separated by sections that are essentially filled with air, it provides a thick panel of material that isn't especially heavy. In fact, it's known for being fairly lightweight for a product of its size and thickness. This makes it easy to handle and construct larger projects with, especially for those who are simply working on DIY projects around the house and don't have crews of construction professionals around to help. By choosing polycarbonate twinwall, you can complete relatively large projects on your own without having to worry as much about the logistics or potential muscle strains or injuries.

Those air pockets in between the layers of polycarbonate also make the material an effective insulator. When there's excessive heat on one side, it has to pass through the first layer of polycarbonate, the empty section in between, and then the second layer of polycarbonate before making an impact on the other side. This is one of the things that makes it so popular for greenhouses and similar projects where trapping heat is a necessity. It's also generally clear or translucent, which allows light to pass through it easily, making it ideal for anything where visibility or light transmission is important. However, there are some versions that come in specific colors or more opaque shades.

Finally, because it's constructed with polycarbonate, this material is also incredibly strong and able to hold up against high impact and last in a variety of environments. Multiwall sheeting is about 10 times stronger than plexiglass and more than 200 times stronger than regular glass, making it virtually unbreakable. So if you want to use it for something like a window, skylight, or greenhouse, you don't need to worry about it breaking or shattering if it gets hit by a stray baseball or piece of outdoor equipment while your family plays or works in the garden.

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