If you've been thinking about adding a backsplash in your kitchen, you should know about the benefits of using acrylic. Many people automatically opt for ceramic or glass tiles for this purpose. But acrylic offers tons of advantages that match or surpass these common options.

For those who want to add a little something extra to their kitchens or other spaces around the home, here's what you should know about using acrylic for backsplashes.

Benefits of Adding a Kitchen Backsplash

Kitchen backsplashes usually consist of tile or another durable material installed over the wall that lines the countertops. It is designed to provide a solid, durable surface that's easy to clean. Since this area is often exposed to food splatters and grease or moisture that could otherwise damage a traditional wall, backsplashes add another layer of protection. They also tend to be easier to clean and maintain, so you can keep your kitchen looking like new for as long as possible.

They also provide aesthetic benefits. You can choose a specific color that matches your design scheme, or add a nice pop of color to a neutral space. You can even choose a patterned tile that adds some extra life or visual interest to the room. Even with a neutral shade or a reflective, mirror-like surface, this addition can result in some extra texture and depth that can make the whole room feel more complete.

Why Acrylic is Perfect for Kitchen Backsplashes

Acrylic is a type of thermoplastic that can easily be formed into a variety of different shapes. Some of the beneficial qualities of acrylic include its optical clarity, low sensitivity to UV rays, and durability. Basically, it can be used in most instances where you might find glass, but it provides a stronger and more durable surface. This makes it suitable for use in various applications, from signage to skylights.

When it comes to using it for kitchen backsplashes, acrylic is known for being incredibly easy to maintain, since it offers a smooth surface that can be cleaned quickly and seamlessly. There's also no grouting involved, which makes it straightforward to install and keep it looking like new. You can easily order acrylic sheets that are cut to your exact size needs. And it is lightweight, so it's incredibly easy to work with for homeowners and DIYers. This means you shouldn't need to spend extra money on hiring skilled contractors or installers.

In fact, another benefit of acrylic is that it's fairly affordable when compared to other materials commonly used in kitchen backsplashes. It's easy to fit it into your budget and make a major impact with very little investment. The low cost of purchasing and installing the materials means that it's a perfect simple weekend project. And it can even be used to upgrade a kitchen and add value to a home quickly before showing it off or listing it for sale.

Visually, acrylic is a synthetic material that can fit nearly any color scheme and aesthetic style. You can order it in a huge array of colors and even opt for specific patterns or reflective mirror-like surfaces that make your kitchen look larger and give it more dimension. If you have a very specific shade you want so that your backsplash matches other elements of the room, the widely available colors make acrylic a perfect option.

How to Add an Acrylic Backsplash

To take advantage of all the benefits that acrylic kitchen backsplashes can offer, you simply start by picking out your color, pattern, or finish of choice and ordering cut-to-size sheets. There are really no rules for this part of the process. You can choose a color that matches other elements of the room or add a completely new pop of color or a pattern that brings something completely different to the space. Then simply measure the area where you want the material to go and determine what size of sheets will fit best in the space.

From there, you can affix those panels to the walls around your kitchen counters using a drill or appropriate adhesive. The wall should also be flattened or smoothed out prior to installation if there's an uneven surface of any kind; this will keep the acrylic panels smooth and even against the wall.

Acrylic is well suited for use around kitchens, bathrooms, and other areas that could use some extra durability or style along a back wall. However, you may want to consider a complimentary material like glass behind your actual stovetop area if it uses gas. The high heat may not be especially well suited for acrylic. But luckily, it's easy to match acrylic to glass tiles or find colors and styles that go well together.

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