Many Uses of Corrugated Plastic - ShapesPlastics

Corrugated plastic goes by many names. Some call it polypropylene twinwall sheeting. Others may call it fluted polypropylene. Whatever name you choose, this plastic material is known for being economical, lightweight, and durable.

In addition to its many names, corrugated plastic also has many potential uses. Many people know it as the material for outdoor signs. But this is just one area where twinwall sheets can be beneficial. Whether you're looking for clear material that's almost see-through or durable, rigid sheets in a wide array of colors, here's a rundown of the many uses of corrugated plastic sheets.


One of the most common uses of corrugated plastic is for the creation of custom signs. Since the material is incredibly durable, it's perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications. Often, you'll see it used in lawn signs, like those used for elections, garage sales, schools, special events, or local businesses. In addition to the fact that it doesn't easily break down when exposed to the elements, another reason why this material is so popular for these types of signs is that it's economical and easy to mass produce signs quickly. Sheets come in many colors, so you can choose the design that best suits your campaign or business. Then custom messages can be printed directly on the material so you can tailor it to your exact design needs.

However, corrugated plastic is also used on interior signage for businesses or even homes. Whether it's used to share a marketing message for customers or add a unique element of decor, these signs are build to last for years without getting damaged or showing signs of wear.

Retail and Trade Show Displays

Additionally, corrugated plastic is sturdy enough to create custom displays to show off products or call attention to businesses at retail stores, trade shows, or special events. If you run a business or have a hobby where you might want to sell or display your creations at events like local craft shows, this material may come in handy.

For example, you could create a small shelf that shows off a number of products throughout your display. You can also integrate a custom printed sign that details what each product is or shares prices or other relevant information.


If you need to create a box or package for a product or personal item, corrugated plastic can be easily cut and combined with multiple pieces to create the exact shape that fits your needs. You can even order sheets cut to size so they're completely ready for assembly once they arrive. The material is sturdy enough to hold solid items. And since it's so durable, it can keep delicate or valuable items protected from various elements while being stored or transported.

Small Structures

Corrugated plastic sheets can even be used to create small structures like greenhouses or sheds. Depending on the size of the structure, its use, and what it's holding, you may want to have sturdy material for the walls. However, corrugated plastic is often durable and strong enough for use as a roof covering or complementary material. It can also be used as the main building material for small greenhouses. It even comes in clear varieties that let enough light inside to allow plants to thrive.

Floor Coverings

For anyone who's working on home improvement, landscaping, or construction projects that could get a little messy, corrugated plastic can be used as a temporary floor covering to reduce some of the mess and provide a sturdy and comfortable walking surface. It may be used over an existing floor to keep dust and mud off, or it could be set up over a subfloor until the more permanent material is ready to be installed. Some people may even use it to reduce messes in their home or business during special events where there may be extra foot traffic.

To do this, simply go over it with a soft cloth and warm, soapy water. Avoid using brushes, dirty cloths, or abrasive cleaning agents, which can scratch the surface. Additionally, go over it with a dry cloth once you're done cleaning to prevent water spots from forming.

Building Templates

For those who are taking on their own home improvement projects, like installing kitchen countertops, corrugated plastic can be useful as a template or placeholder. It's easy to measure and cut, so you can easily make it into the same size as the material that needs to be installed. Then it's lightweight, so you can set it up in place of your permanent materials and get a feel for how it might look. This can allow you to easily determine whether any adjustments or changes may be necessary before actually adding or ordering your materials, which can help you cut down on waste and save money and time on unnecessary changes or delays.

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