Since many outdoor events are slated to run rain or shine, you need sign materials that are able to stand up to a variety of weather conditions. Corrugated plastic is the perfect solution, since it won't wear down or allow your messages to get distorted, thus leaving your visitors or potential guests confused and ill informed.

Durable Sale Signs

Corrugated plastic sheets can also provide the perfect material for signs promoting sales or specials at stores or other local businesses. This method of spreading the word is common for local businesses located in busy downtown districts. Since many people are likely to be walking or riding by your location already, putting up outdoor signs can be the perfect way to get people to visit on an impulse.

Since corrugated plastic is an affordable and lightweight material, it's the perfect option for promoting temporary sales and specials. You don't need to worry about spending a ton on promotions, and it's easy to set up the signs outside of your business or in other approved areas around town. They're also durable enough to hold up for longer periods. Or you can even use them multiple times if you have recurring sales or promotions.

Election Signs That Hold Up

Outdoor signage is a popular method for spreading the word about candidates or campaigns throughout election season. Clear, colorful signs help to promote a specific initiative and let people know who and what they're supporting on election day.

Since these signs are often placed out in front of homes and businesses for weeks and months at a time throughout an election season, they need to be able to stand up against the elements. If they start fading due to sun exposure or losing form thanks to excessive rain, the message will not be able to come across as clearly.

Luckily, corrugated plastic sheets offer the perfect solution for this conundrum. They are easily printable, so you can have a clear message added to them without a ton of cost, since these signs are often used just for a temporary season. The material is also incredibly lightweight, making it easy to transport and distribute these signs around town. You can make them available for pickup at a candidate's office or headquarters, carry them around during canvassing campaigns, or just deliver them directly to people in the community who request them. Additionally, they won't wear down when placed outside for weeks or months at a time. So your campaign name and slogan should still be incredibly clear and visible once election day rolls around.

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